Welcome to Organically Napa

Welcome to Organically Napa

Welcome to Organically NapaWelcome to Organically NapaWelcome to Organically Napa

Welcome to Organically Napa

Welcome to Organically Napa

Welcome to Organically NapaWelcome to Organically NapaWelcome to Organically Napa

Discover Napa's Organic Side

• Award winning wines from Cabernets to under the radar varieties 

• 50+ wineries with certified organic vines

• 9% of Napa is certified organic

• 250+ wines (from $20-450)

• Dozens of great tasting and touring destinations 

Subscriber Benefits

Wine Discounts • Shipping Discounts • Two for One Tasting Coupons

Selected wineries featured in Organically Napa offer subscribers discounts on wine, shipping or tasting.  

Your $25 subscription fee pays for itself when you take advantage of these special offers.

More Subscriber News (Links not yet live)

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What People Are Saying

A Site for Eco Friendly Wine Lovers

"Bravo! Finally, a place to find organic and biodynamic wineries in Napa County. 

With hundreds of wines to choose from, this site points the way to the vintners who are doing it right for wine lovers and our environment!"


A Must Have Resource

"This site is must have resource for all wine lovers who are concerned about greenwashing and want to know what wines are produced with certified organic or biodynamic grapes.

Pam Strayer, the author of Organically Napa, is the country’s foremost authority on organic and biodynamic wines and vines. While I have taken advantage of her know-how for years, I am so excited that she is launching this site for consumers and the wine industry. "

-Elizabeth Candelario, regenerative food and wine industry consultant; former president, Demeter USA

Inspired Reporting

"A former environmental and health journalist, Pam writes expertly about organic and biodynamic viticulture...and has impressive experience tasting wines.

Her energy and commitment as Senior Editor of Slow Wine Guid 2020 brings to Slow Wine Guide 2020...is an inspiration for me."

-Jeremy Parzen, Coordinating Editor for North America, Slow Wine Guide 2020

Not Just Which Wineries, But Also...Which Wines?

"It's difficult to know how the wine you drink was really made. Sustainable grapes can be sprayed with toxic pesticides. 

While some of the wineries with organic vineyards sell organically grown wines, they may also sell other wines made separately from conventionally grown grapes. How can you vote with your dollars if you don't really know what you're buying? 

Fortunately, Organically Napa has done the research—listing only the wines from certified organic vines—and can help you find wine made with your values in mind."

-Megan Kaun, Toxic Free Future

Well Researched

"Pam Strayer’s coverage of the organic, and biodynamic wine world stateside is based on rigorous research ...into individual wineries' wine growing and winemaking practices."

-Monty Waldin, author, The Oxford Companion to Wine (organic and biodynamic sections) and numerous books on organic and biodynamic wines, Regional Chair for Tuscany at the Decanter World Wine Awards

The Go To Source

"The go to person on organic and biodynamic wines."

-Alder Yarrow, Vinography, JancisRobinson.com