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AVA Essentials

Rutherford—it was ground zero for the organic movement in Napa back in 1988 and it's still the leader in the number of certified organic vineyards, with more than 950 acres—or about a quarter of all the organic vines in Napa.

This prestigious appellation spans choice benchland, at the foot of the Mayacamas mountains, with clay loam soils continuing across the valley floor over to Conn Creek on the east side where the soils become more volcanic.

• Estate wineries with organic vines: 13

• Organic estate vineyard acres: 833

• Growers' organic vineyard acres: 87

Total: 920 acres

• Case production (estimated):  82,000

Estate Wineries with Organic Vines


Frog's Leap 

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Tasting Rooms & Events


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Frog's Leap 

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Organic Vines: Acreage


• Frog's Leap: 151

And 15 more

Organic Vines: Varieties Grown

• Cabernet Franc

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Chardonnay

• Grignolino

• Marsanne

• Merlot

• Petit Verdot

• Petite Sirah

• Roussanne

• Sangiovese

• Syrah

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Zinfandel

Organic Vines: Case Production

• Frog's Leap: est. 55,000

And 11 more

Frog's Leap | Rutherford AVA | Rutherford

Winery Overview



• Sources grapes from its own 151 acres of organic estate vineyards as well as from 70 acres more from Napa Valley growers

• The winery is housed in a historic 1888 barn in Rutherford (renovated in 1994) adjacent to the elegant farmstead tasting room and farm

• The grounds artfully integrate vines, beautiful gardens and picturesque fountains beside a farm area—with chickens, orchards, vegetable and flower gardens—with sweeping vistas of Napa Valley

Best known for

• The poster child for organically grown wines in Napa, organic and dry farmed since 1989, it's focused on healthy soil, organic farming and making elegant wines 

• Makes five widely distributed wines—Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel—along with smaller lots of Petite Sirah, a heritage red blend, and a rosé; the wines are often priced affordably compared to many of their Napa neighbors ($20-95, 90-93 pts.)

• Proprietor and winemaker John Williams has grown the winery over 25+ years into a powerhouse producer, making 60,000 cases annually, and has transitioned almost all of its affiliated growers’ 70 acres to organic certification over the years

• Veteran vineyard manager Frank Leeds was voted 2013 Napa Grower of the Year by his peers

• In 2007, the winery increased its Rutherford holdings, buying the historic Rossi Ranch, with 50+ acres of vines; the estate provides much of Frog’s Leap Cabernet grapes now

• Proprietor John Williams and Frank Leeds are committed to historic varietals, making a heritage blend from Charbono, a Petite Sirah from a vineyard that has long been in Leeds’ family and a rosé of Valdiguie

• Frog’s Leap wines rank 19th among the most popular restaurant wines in the U.S., largely due to its Sauvignon Blanc (23,000+ cases made)

• The winery and hospitality center run solely on solar and geothermal power; the large, modern Victorian style tasting room (designed by Ned Forrest) was also the region's first Silver LEED certified building

• All the employees are full time and receive benefits and health insurance

• In 2014, in international competition, Frog's Leap was voted a Wine & Spirits Top 100 Winery of the Year (the seventh time it has won this award) and in 2016, its Cabernet won a Platinum award (the only U.S. wine to win at this tier) at the Decanter World Wine Awards

• Slow Wine gave the winery a Snail award, its highest honor

• New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov is a fan, writing that the winery makes “wines of balance and restraint … subtle and nuanced…table wines, not jammy fruit bombs”

Organic vineyard case production

55,000 (out of 60,000)*

* The winery says about 5% of growers are “practicing organic”


Estate vineyards, organic, 1989, CCOF; growers’ vineyards, various dates, CCOF




Certified Organic Grapes

Napa Valley AVA:

• Petite Sirah

• Rosé

• Red Blend-Heritage Blend

• Zinfandel

Rutherford AVA:

• Cabernet Sauvignon-Rutherford

• Merlot

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Sauvignon Blanc-Rachel Rossi Reserve

Visiting | What to Expect | Contact



Garden or cellar tasting (by appt.)


Tour and tasting (by appt.)


Seated tasting (by appt.)

Frog's Leap Winery

8815 Conn Creek Rd.

Rutherford, CA 94573


Website     |     Email     |     Facebook     |     Twitter     |     Instagram

SAMPLE: TASTING & TOURING: Napa's Regions | The Big Picture


• Getting to know the different towns, wineries, and wines of Napa is an adventure that can fill a lifetime. There's so much to see and do. 

• For first time visitors, it can be overwhelming. This guide can help you break it down into various towns and regions.

• If you want personalized, trip planning services (for a reasonable fee), book some time with us. We also lead custom tours.


From the cool climate Carneros region on San Pablo Bay, to downtown Napa, with its swanky new hotels, tasting and touring experiences neat the county's main town are expanding rapidly. You can find everything from rural beauty to downtown luxe at these spots. 

Napa: Downtown and South of Town

• Napa: North of Town

Southern Napa Valley | Oakville | Rutherford

Historic Oakville and Rutherford are home to the highest concentration of producers with organic vines. Many of the oldest and best known producers in Napa Valley are here. There's a wide spectrum of tasting and touring options, with prices ranging from $25 to $125.

• Oakville


Central Napa Valley | St. Helena | Valley Floor

Upvalley, St. Helena, a charming touristed town with dining, shops and hotels, is about a 30 min. drive north of the city of Napa. It's home to many classic estates and boutique producers.

St. Helena Valley Floor: Major Producers

St. Helena Valley Floor: More to Explore

St. Helena: Vaca Mountains

Getting off the valley floor and into the mountains takes a bit of effort. There's so much to draw you to the two major north-south roads.  But Napa's mountain estates have a special magic. Far from the madding crowds, you can explore country roads, historic wineries, and great wines in Chiles Valley and Pritchard Hill.

St. Helena: Hillsides East & West

Northern Napa Valley | Angwin | Calistoga

Explore breathtaking views from the Howell and Mayacamas mountain ranges in Napa's northern reaches, which are far less visited by tourists. The town of Calistoga, famous for hot springs resorts. anchors the northern end of the valley, offering dining, shops, and hotels, along with nearby wine tasting and touring options.

• Angwin (Howell Mountain) and Calistoga

SAMPLE: Tasting for Any Budget

Travel Savvy: Dollars and Cents

• Visiting Napa's wineries can easily cost anywhere from $100 to $300 or more a day per person in tasting fees alone. Whether you're a frugal traveler or a passionate collector of luxury wines, this budget guide helps you find the numbers that work for you.

• Note: Most wineries (but not all) reimburse the tasting fee with wine purchase. 

• In general, if you have a choice at a winery between a tasting or a tour, choosing the tour offers a richer experience than tastings alone. (But some wineries only offer tastings, and they're still well worth experiencing). 



• Frog's Leap

And 10 more...



And 10 more...


And 6 more...


6 wineries...



Frog's Leap Winery

Napa's poster child for organic farming and vines, Frog's Leap's known for classic wines that are, by Napa standards, affordably priced. Visitors can relax on the porch surrounded by vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and lush, landscaped grounds. In addition to Cab, heritage blends are a specialty. 

• % Organic | 100%

• Wines | $-$$

• Tasting | $25-35

• Tour and tasting | $35

Winery Overview